Stories for the End Anthology

Since we've only got a few months left until the end of the world, we decided to assemble the best up and coming creators to tell some of the scariest stories we've heard.

The Whole Kit and Kaboodle!

Well, everyone, we've come to that point. Less than a week until the last Halloween until the end of the world.

We hope you've enjoyed the stories. To help you take them with you - here's a link to download all of the stories in one PDF (could we be anymore awesome?):

Click here to view the pdf or right click on the link and select "Save As" to save the file to your computer.

Spread the word!

Have a Happy Halloween!



Welcome to the Halloween Web Anthology "Scary Stories for the End of the World."

Updating with a new story every Monday, Wednesday, Friday until the last week of October, we'll be showcasing the best in talent and story for your Halloween season this year (and since the world is ending in December, we're going out with a bang!).

Once the stories are posted, we'll be posting a link to let you download the ENTIRE anthology in one, nice pdf. So spread the word and check back in every other day!